Guidelines for video recordings, live streams, and screenshots of TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge

Policy and Conditions for Permission of Video Submission and Live Broadcast
Video submissions and live broadcasts (whether or not they are monetized) that use game footage from "TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge" are permitted for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, provided that the conditions listed in these guidelines are understood and agreed to.

When submitting and distributing videos, please include the following game summary in the summary section.
If it is difficult to provide a game summary, please provide the following information in the video.
Please change the description in the summary section to match the title you are playing and the platform used in the video.

In the case of the Nintendo Switch
Title: TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Store URL:
© G-MODE Corporation

In the case of the Steam
Title:TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge
Platform: Steam
Store URL:
© G-MODE Corporation

Our Policy on Video Distribution Sites Subject to Permission
In principle, only video distribution sites ( that have a music licensing agreement with the Japan Music Copyright Association (JASRAC) are considered to be eligible for permission.
*However, even sites that fall under the above do not include sites that are intended for viewing only by persons 18 years of age or older.

Please note that we may request the deletion of posted videos or an injunction against video distribution on other sites that we deem inappropriate for illegal or other reasons.
Please be aware that you are responsible for the terms of use and guidelines of the sites to which you post your videos. We assume no responsibility whatsoever.

Secondary works such as illustrations
Posting of illustrations and other derivative works on Twitter and video sites is permitted as long as they are not for commercial use and are within the scope of an individual's hobby.
However, please refrain from using official materials as is.

Other Notes
(1) The copyright of the play videos belongs to our company or legitimate right holders.
(2) We expect users to post play videos and other videos that include their creativity and comments, except when using the functions of the game console itself. Please refrain from reprinting videos posted by others, posting illustrations, movies, or music for viewing purposes, or posting nothing more than copies of copyrighted material.
(3) Expressions that deviate from or damage the image of our company or our works are prohibited.
(4) Secondary use of posted content is prohibited in principle.
(5) Please refrain from using expressions that suggest or mislead users into believing that you are sponsored by or affiliated with our company or our affiliates, contrary to the truth.
(6) We make no guarantees whatsoever regarding the submission of play videos. We will not be liable for any damages incurred by users or third parties as a result of the submission or distribution of videos.
(7) These guidelines are intended for posting videos and still images using our games on appropriate video and still image-sharing sites. Any use or creation that is not covered by this guideline should be done within the scope permitted by the laws and regulations of each country. (We do not provide individual responses regarding the criteria for judgment.)
(8) We reserve the right to delete or suspend the distribution of any content that we deem to be illegal, offensive to public order and morals, or inappropriate, even if it was posted or distributed following the above guidelines. Upon our request, please promptly stop posting videos, still images, and distribution without delay. (We do not respond to individual requests regarding the criteria for judgment.)
(9) We will not respond to inquiries regarding these guidelines. We also do not respond to inquiries regarding permission to use videos and still images.
(10) The content of these guidelines may be changed or updated at any time. Please check the latest version of the Guidelines before posting.

Corporations and Other Customers
If you are an individual who distributes videos under contract with a company or a corporation, including an individual who belongs to an entertainment agency or production company, and you wish to use our videos, please contact us at the following address.

Established May 16, 2023

Images that can be used for video submission/distribution
Screenshots and some images of this game (downloadable from [Thumbnail Materials] below) may be used only for the thumbnails used in the video submission/distribution of "Tori Soul: Minna de Chikin Degree Diagnosis".

How to use downloaded images as thumbnails and precautions
You may modify the images to include your face, channel name, etc.

[Thumbnail materials]

However, if you wish to use a third party's intellectual property in the course of posting or distributing your play videos, you must obtain a separate license from that third party.
Please note that we will not be held responsible for any claims or claims for damages from third parties due to your use of the intellectual property of third parties other than our company.